Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cosplay: Kiki genderbend (Paper bag) from Kiki's Delivery Service

Right so i changed out the zipper for my Nunotaba Shinobu's Vest and i am so glad that it worked out the way I hoped. Then I worked on this

So this week I am getting ready for Anime California 2014 
and I wanted to add something new to my Kiki genderbend from Kiki's Delivery Service
When I went to Anime Expo 2014 I only had the clothes, radio and the broom.
So this time I wanted to add a bag.

Throughout the movie, you see Kiki with her over-sized orange bag and this type of broom

But near the end of the movie Kiki has a different broom, the broom that she uses to save Tombo.
And here in the official picture, she has a paper bag.

Since I am doing this genderbent from female to male, I wanted my Kiki to have a boyish bag
After doing some research I decided that the orange bag is out 
because it will not match with the outfit that I made.

In the end I ended up doing a paper bag bag

Here i got some measurements down
and possible idea of Jiji

from Joann for about $10 after 40% coupon
I bought this color because it was the closest to the "Orange" color from the choices that I had at that time
and the color seemed suitable for a male Kiki

This was cut to 30" x 15.25"
and the rest of the measurement was done as shown in the earlier picture

Then I superglued the whole bag with this one 
(also available at Joann and used coupon!)

I glued the side and the bottom

Since i didn't like to leave the top raw 
I added the left over fabric from the piece that I cut previously to get the right size for the bag
and wrapped it around the top

see~ it looks like a paper bag =D

I used these snaps to keep the bag closed on the top and to give shape
And to keep this as a no sewing, I used super glue to glue down these snaps instead of sewing it.

I still wanted to add Jiji on the bag since it would be too many things for me to carry if I made Jiji as a plushie

Likewise, after many research on how to add Jiji, I decided to use the Jiji cup from the movie scene

and made a stencil out of it

after stenciling 

a little close up
Now I am really happy of the result!!!
I think i am done with Kiki genderbend for Anime California 2014~~

Still undecided when I'll be wearing this >.<

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