Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cosplay: Nunotaba Shinobu (Vest)

Soo after a year of planning on making this cosplay,

i finally got around to it and began making it~

My day started with watching netflix, eating french toast and eggs, and planning out the idea of how to tackle the cosplay

Usually I make my pattern on a paper first,
but this time around i just decided to make the pattern right onto the fabric

I had this crazy way of sewing the vest
sew armholes, shoulders, and the sides together

In this picture, I sewn the v neckline and the bottom 

And after I was done sewing the main parts, i didnt like how it looked like...
the shoulder area was too big and the vest didn't have a nice fit (it was way too big)

So i had a quick lunch break with cold Korean noodle (냉면) naengmyeon

after break i trimmed off the armholes and the sides and resewn

sewn zipper in the back
it fitted much better

I'm going to revisit the zipper because as much as i want the back to remain invisible zipper, the vest fitted too well. 

So i'm thinking whether i should get a invisible jacket zipper or just a regular jacket zipper and sacrifice the invisible line that the anime have for comfort

threw on a random white shirt and tried out the vest
i'm glad i made those changes, just need to change the zipper now >.<
I'll be working on the skirt next~


UPDATE AUG 18, 2014
So i changed the zipper and i'm so glad i made that change 
because it made getting in and out of the vest so much easier.
I used black 16 inches lightweight separating zipper and that was just awesome
the teeth of the zipper were small enough that you can't really see it 
so c' est la vie

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