Friday, July 11, 2014

Kiki's Delivery Service genderbend

I've started with my mock up of Kiki's Delivery Service genderbend cosplay on May 5th, 2014.
I have always wanted to do a genderbend cosplay
and I am really happy as to how my cosplay came out for Kiki

I sort of cheated making the pattern for the vest.
I used a vest that I already had and traced it to a large tshirt that I don't wear anymore

Once I was able to get the pattern right with the tshirt, i transferred that pattern to the muslin fabric.

I started using Muslin as my mock up fabric.
For this mock up I only did a one layer.

It came out pretty decent so i went ahead and used the fabric for Kiki's genderbend.

I double layered everything here because I wanted to avoid having my fabrics to fray everywhere and I thought it made sense to double layer them.
total i traced and cut 11 pieces (just needed 1 for the collar)

Single layered front and back view (minus the neck collar)

Double layered: front- interfaced on one side, neck collar sewn and also added interface

In between of making the vest and my pants, my wig came in so i decided to try it on.

Then I made a red bow tie since original Kiki had a bow headband

figuring out the length for the  pants.

Decided that it was too short and made it a bit longer

As for the vest, I decided to shorten it because it looked too feminine

trying out different types of red for Kiki

as for the radio, my friend made it for me =D

Last year i used rit liquid dye for dying my vanellope's pants and I liked how it came out so I decided to use it again.
I bought the white shoes from Walmart
Rit liquid dyes from Joanns

When it was wet, the color was much more brighter and well just really bright

This is the actual color in natural sunlight after it dried off.

This was worn to Anime Expo 2014 Day 2

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