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Batman Batgirl: One-shot special July 1997

Batman Batgirl
Authors: Kelley Pukett, Matt Haley, Karl Kesel
ISBN: 978-1-5638-9305-6
Page count: 47 pages

This is a short "one-shot" comic about Batgirl.
Here Barbara Gordon is already confirmed as Batgirl, unlike the Batgirl Year One where its the coming of a Batgirl.

In some sense you can take this comic as an approach after Batgirl's first appearance with Killer Moth.
So it begins...

With a news article that covers the story of Batgirl and Killer Moth

Barbara is on out with the police patrol car and suddenly they get a 420 Assault with deadly weapon.  While the police were wondering what to do with Barbara, Barbara took the call and radio back  and off they go to the scene.  Since the police didn't know that she was Batgirl, she stayed in the car.  But as she was waiting, Barbara heard gunshots going off and one of the suspect runs towards the car.  Seeing the suspect coming Barbara timed the door to open and knocked the suspect out.  

When they got back tot he police station, Commissioner Gordon is out and through this encounter, Barbara gets intel on a breaking in lead by white skin and green hair.  Knowing how he operates Barbara tries to tell Commissioner about where Joker might really be hiding.  Bur refusing to listen, Barbara tries to figure out how to stop him.  Although she made an attempt, it failed but through it she gained another information and makes an annoumous call to the police stating that Joker will attack the Barbieri at his own house.  

Now takes action as a Batgirl.

(From here on, i'll keep it simple)
Batgirl meets Joker, things happen at the Barbieri house (spoilers spoilers)

then some more spoilers

spoilers that you need to read

Live again to fight another day

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