Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anime Expo 2014 Day 3 I met KOREA COSPLAY QUEEN!

I know I'm about 2 weeks late posting about Anime Expo...
This year I was very VERY excited for Anime Expo because they were having Spiral Cats Team as their Guest.

I have been amazed by the cosplay of the Spiral Cats Team and having the chance to meet and and getting their autograph was something that doesn't come by so easily.

So why am I so excited?
Well I met Korea's Cosplay Queen!!!!

What made it more memorable was that Spiral Cat's Team leader Tasha and I was able to chat for a little while as she was signing. She told me that I was like the 4th Korean to see them!

As for Spiral Cat Team member Doremi, she was just as awesome. Her costume was outstanding and she was really beautiful too~

It was such an honor to hear that because I was able to communicate with them in Korean and they were pretty happy to see another Korean fan from far away from Korea. They even wrote my name in Korean and left a small greeting in Korean as well~

Nevertheless Spiral Cat Team were SUPER NICE! unlike other "well-known" cosplayers who were kind of rude...

I want to say Thank you to Spiral Cat Team and Staff!!
This picture was taken by one of Spiral Cats staff

I would love to meet them again!!~ 
Perhaps when they come back to US con I'll go see them again! because they are just perfect!!!

(ps. from what i know, i think their Kill la Kill cosplay was debuted during Anime Expo 2014)

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