Monday, March 26, 2012

getting things off my mind

I was thinking about working on hw and such but
these unfinished hats was bothering me

so i just decided to finish them before i go into a slumber of endless school work

these three were made today!~
i like how they turn out every time =D
so for the first hat,
i wanted to give some kind of alice in wonderland feel 
with the color scheme of turquoise/ aqua, white and pink

Version 1

Version 2

This fabric was given to me by my friend last year
with the left over fabric from the last projects from
 Wall of goodies and my summer dress 

the very top top hat is from Mad Hatter from alice in wonderland (Tim Burton)
and the following top hats that i have so far =)

and yes i got more batgirl figurines/ toys~

for sure this time, i think this will be my last post until i finish rest of my school work this week

so until i get my freedom back,

✎ From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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