Sunday, January 22, 2012

wall of goodies

So here's the long awaited posting of my hair & other accessories =D

Part 1 of supplies needed: 
- fabrics
- ribbons
- foamboard
- lighter
- scissor
- hot glue
- lots of glue sticks
- mirrors


using some of these batting, measure how much of the board you want it to be cushiony
this is used for sorting hair clips


measure the fabric to size as well

 pin the fabric down like so to get the idea before finalizing it with hot glue

lay out the other fabric as to how you want to place them

over at the cupcake fabric section use different color, size, prints of ribbons
this will be used for clips
 cut and trim to size
here in the green area, i was slightly off 
so look at final picture there you will see that i added a ribbon to cover it up

on the cupcake side, i glued the edges of the ribbon to the point where other fabrics meet

so taking a different ribbon, cover it up

 as for the mirror, i used the same design as my earring holder
and ta da finished =D

i'm soo  sorry for being so slow with the update ever since we hit 2012 >.<
i promise i'll be better!!!

✎  From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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