Friday, March 30, 2012

quick, quick the egg has hatched!

for tomorrow's craft @ korean school,
since we won't have anytime to make the Flower egg and study T-T
i've searched here and there and decided on this
i'm hoping that all of this will take total of 15-20mins
for those little fingers to make by themselves!

surprising fact: little kids are perfectionist. so they ask the teacher to make it for them, because if it doesn't come out (eg. exactly like the teachers) they give up on finishing it...

since i'm gonna prepare all the pieces it should go by quickly, right?

so far my spring break has been used up by preparing for korean school and a little bit of craft here and there.

so yes... i am soo far behind in school work!
i need to hurry up and finish school 
and get a permanent teacher's position somewhere 
since i'm spending all my time on everything but studying

this has been me using up my break as a double edge sword~

till next time
✎ From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆ 

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