Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Preparing for Easter

i got the greatest news this!
i went from having 4 midterms this week to only 2!
This will be my only post for this week since i still have 2 more next week,
but then when i'm done with midterm, i'll post another project/ craft =D

so for today's post, i have prepared this craft for my korean school once again
the idea for making this came to me while i was shopping for things online >.<

frankly, what you see now came from my "original" drawing from this

and here's the tutorial, (it was so hard coming up with new ideas for each of these flower eggs

Start with a cloth stem wire

Clipped off 3 6inches off of one long 18" stem wire

Then burn/ melt the center hole on the bottom side of the pastic egg
(they look like faces >.<)

Now take a nose plier and

make a circle

 then bend the wire downwards

using hot glue, glue the inside the egg 
(i plied some glue in there since the hot glue nossel won't reach all the way and used my finger to pat it down)

also use hot glue on the outside to put more reinforcement

my eggs lined up~

In order to turn them into a flower option 1:
use a fake flower and clip off one

disassemble the flower and keep everything from it

reassemble them into the egg stem like so

using hot glue, start gluing them from 
egg to first pedal --> small cone
small cone --> 2nd pedal
2nd pedal --> large cone
large cone --> 3rd pedal
3rd pedal --> to the bulb?

when you glue them all together it should form a rose, since i clipped off a fake rose

sorry for bad quality but here's the finished flower egg!~~

Option 2: take out the small cone, large cone, and the bulb
instead use the leaves

option 3: using scrapbook paper cut out a pattern (3 different layers)

option 4: using scrapbook paper cut it out in a circle and fold them
 (if you need further help leave me a comment, i'll post up another tutorial for these)

Option 5: using ribbons make loops 
(i used two different ribbons to make loops) 
and used the 3rd ribbon to make a ribbon bow
Then finished it off with a scrapbook paper like in OPTION 3

Option 6: Scepter flower
(i'll be honest here, i ran out of idea and it turn into this >.<)
Using ribbon and beads on string hot glue them to place as seen

i wasn't sure if i wanted to make it into a bouquet or a plant so as of now i put them in Tangeled cup~
maybe when i finish with midterm i'll have a decision about it

Until then~
✎ From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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