Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel: 2 weeks in Japan in Autumn 2015 Part 1

One summer day my friends spontaneously decided to go visit Japan to see her sister and do some fun traveling. We purchased our tickets, rooms and made an itinerary for the next 6-7weeks before heading out on September.

Personal Tip 1: If you travel during off season/peak season price of the air flights are way cheaper. I believe we purchased our non-stop round trip to Japan for ~$820 USD.

Personal Tip 2: Window Seats are nice but it is better to get an aisle seat because you are free to go to restroom whenever you want. One of my experiences during long flight taught me this lesson. I picked a window seat and had to suffer so much just to go to restroom. Besides some of the plane has a new feature that lets you see outside view via camera (Front, tail, and bottom) of the plane and I found this to be more exciting.

Personal Tip 3: For the actual seating arrangement, either be in the very front or the very back. I suggest this because if you're in front there is no one who can put their chair back. And if you very conscious like me, I like the very back of the cabin seating because I don't like to bother people with my need to pull the chair back down during the entire trip. Besides drinks gets served from the back to front.

This was our lunch during our flight over to Japan. The food was just delicious. I think I ate everything.

Personal Tip 1: If you want some decent looking food I recommend flying with JAL (Japan Airline) or KAL (Korean Airline) both airlines provide food that looks like food and tastes great.

After a 12hrs or so of flight we landed in Narita Airport on a gloomy, slight rainy day.

Personal Tip 1: If you have a choice try to arrive in the country that you are flying to during day time because it is easier to navigate the unknown city during the day where there are more people out than during nighttime where you can run into drunk people. And personally I would feel much safer to move around during daytime than nighttime.

After our luggage claim, we went down the escalator to purchase N'EX and Suica card. N'EX is a express train that can take you into Tokyo from Narita airport. Suica card is a transportation card you can use instead of handling transportation with hard cash.

Personal Tip 1: For N'EX you have the option to reserve seat or be seated on an empty seat. I suggest like we have done with going with an unassigned seating. Reserve seats cost more and there were lots of empty seats.
Personal Tip 2: I managed to travel for 2 weeks around trip to Narita airpot, to Tokyo and one round trip to Mito for about ¥13000 and still have a bit of money left in my card.

When we finally got checked in to our hotel room it was late and dark outside. Since it was still an unknown area for us, after we dropped off our luggage at the hotel we went out and backtracked our path and went to 7/11 for dinner, snacks, and dessert.

Personal Tip 1: 7/11 in Japan is so different compare to 7/11 in America. Do try the convini food in Japan because they are very affordable and good for the price that you pay for.

Nighttime snack: Boss coffee that we got from a vending machine and cheesecake.

The next morning I woke up too early, so i enjoyed eating my pudding, looking outside the window waiting for my friends to wake up and get ready for Akihabara day

Personal Tip 1: Pudding in Japan is somewhat like Spanish flan. 

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