Monday, May 30, 2016

Travel: 2 Weeks in Japan in Autumn 2015 Part 5

morning yummies!
bread and drink form 7/11.
recommend starbucks matcha tea latte!

so about these cheese cubes... the previous night, my roommate and i turned on the tv in our room and they had this commercial for this cheese cube. the next thing i know we found this at one fo the convini market and and ate them.
The only flavor that i remember is the Tomato. It tasted like spaghetti. 

Waiting to watch Sailor Moon Musical!

AiiA2 Tokyo Theatre had this choice of subtitle glasses. they were a bit on the heavy end but still better than no subtitles!
Personal Tip: If you have contact lenses where those because it is hard to fit 2 glasses and making sure they stay fit to your liking.

These were some of the merchandise that were going to released later throughout the year.

This tea cup is super cute!!!!

Pop up sailor moon cafe located right next to the theatre

This is the main entrance of Shibuya Disney store.
This is multi level store.

Entering Andy's Room

small section of Wendy and her brothers' room

Making of Pinocchio 

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