Friday, May 27, 2016

Cosplay: Mulan (Art Nouveau by Hannah Alexander)

This was my last minute add on to the cosplay list for D23 Expo because I had a friend who was going to cosplay from the same artist's artwork as Kida.

First the materials (starting from far left)
-  Green to teal Casa Collection Chiffon Ombre fabric was purchased at Jo-Ann (Looks like its going on clearance, which mean they won't be restocked again!)
- Deep Blue swirly for the corset
- Light blue for the hair wrap
- Red for shoulder, wrist, belt
- Beige for skirt and ruffles
- Trims

I started with making the corset portion first because I made a corset before for a college musical Into the Woods (Well that's another story to tell on a different post)

I used that same pattern to make it. It was a simplicity pattern (Don't remember what number i used)
I also used a theater arts trick of velcro for closing up the corset on my own.

Using a muslin fabric i mocked out the bodice portion of the top jacket looking thing

I also mocked up the sleeves on my mock up jacket bodice to make sure everything came out the way i wanted.

after making notations on my muslin piece, time to cut up the real fabric.

Real piece done

Next came the detailing of the corset.

i used my leftover gold fabric from Teru's cosplay to make those circles and square.
I had each piece on a heat-and-bond material.

I sewn the gold trim along the edges and hand sew each of the beads into loops and sewn on to the corset itself.

Truth be told some of the beads sewn fell apart at the expo, so i need to figure out a better ways to secure them.

Working on other parts of the cosplay were the armors.
I have zero experience in making armors so I did what I can do at the moment and sew them in layers to have the overlapping ridged effect. then i sew on the gold trims and sew on the ruffles.

Making the wrists were a lot easier?
I was lucky to find string beads that where already connected as arrows.

My last piece was making the skirt.
Originally the skirt is an ombre but I did not have time to do that.
So once again when I wear this again, I will ombre this and Rit Dye also came out with new product line for fabrics that can dye more than cotton.

By the way this was my second try on making the skirt, I had such a hard time trying to get the same flow as the art.

anyways with all these together I made my Mulan for D23 Expo =D

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