Sunday, September 14, 2014

So far, my clicker update

So far, my clicker wip
and so it begins with a basic mask for some kind of structure

my formula for the paper mache glue: 1/4cup flour 1/2cup water (basically 1:2 ratio)

used small screwdriver to poke holes

marked where the wires where going to poke through

used 20 gauge for in between

used 14 gauge for outline structure

paper mache

front part of the mask

so after i finished making the front part of the mask I found a reference picture that showed the back part of the mask... yes there's a back part.

glued the helmet makeshift to the mask

clay and dried the front while i wired the back
I used paper clay, so its super light.
bought paper clay at Daiso (Saved so much money~)

front part of the mask, clay

finally done with claying the mask

gathering all my paints and brushes

base paint

close up detailing

so much detail to go and i'm not even half done. in fact i'm not even 1/4th done.. maybe i'm at 1/10 done just for the mask

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