Monday, September 29, 2014

Big @ss shark plushie/ soft toy

about a week ago I have finally decided to make my own shark plushie (soft toy) because it was way to expensive to buy it. I was looking into buying shark because it is RIN MATUSOKA's spirit animal~ from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/ Eternal Summer.

I started off with a small scale

Then I hit it with a big almost 5 feet (58.5inches to be exact) shark
when i first started, i was sketching it on my computer table and then it got out of hand

ended up using a bigger table on the floor

the final measurement of the shark was 58.5 inches

comparison of my shark pattern to my height (I'm about 5'3")

Sewn all the pieces together

after adding on the eyes and gills
and going through 3 bags of 24oz stuffings
this is my ~5ft shark =D

I am currently taking commission for this, you can email me with the subject titled "Shark plushie commission information"
or leave a comment with your email address so i can contact you.

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