Sunday, April 27, 2014

Book Talk 2

Life is going slow for me right now...

And I went into reading slump for a while

So from the last time i posted my Book Talk 1 I read these two books

Return with Honor is really captivating and his decisions at those given times are really amazing as well.
It was a book that was hard to put down once I got into the survival part. REALLY amazing

Highest Duty took a different approach from what Return with Honor. Captain Sullenberger's background life experience that lead up to January 15, 2009 was also an emotional reading. All in the matter of 5 or so minutes, Captain Sullenberger and his First officer and the cabin crew's reaction to the incident save all 155 people on that plane.

Reading what people out there can do really amazes me.
Now I am sitting on my chair thinking what can I do now to help others in the future.

Basher Five-two is another book that I am adding to my piles of books that needs to be read.

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