Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cosplay: Rin Matsuoka Blue and White Stripe Top (Sailor Uniform)

Before I made the shoes, the first thing that I made for Sailor Free! was their inner shirt.

If you're wondering what I got the fabric, I bought it over at Fashion District in Los Angeles

Michael Levine Inc. located at 
920 So. MAPLE AVE. 
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213-622-6259

I bought the fabric for $3.00/yard and unfortunately that charged tax =(
but hey with my friend and I we got 5.75yard for the total of ~$19

So out of all the things that were in needed to be made, this inner shirt seemed to be the easiest to begin with.

First pin down the fabric (FYI try to match the stripes of the front and the back)
I used a not too tight and not too loose fit tshirt and traced it around the fabric.

Cut the pattern with some room around the traced line

Reminder: Don't sew the arm and neck holes together
hem in the edges so they don't flare out (necklines, bottom or the shirt, sleeves)

And here is my blue and white stripe inner shirt =D

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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