Friday, September 6, 2013

First step into FIDM

Hello World!

Long story short,
I was accepted to FIDM on September 5, 2013 for the upcoming Fall 2013 quarter.

But I'm pretty sure that's not why you are here for,
so here is my story... very VERY LONG story...
After graduating from CSULB with a double major in Linguistics and Anthropology I was at a lost because there weren't any career out there for me with just a B.A.

Surely, yes, there are some jobs that I could have done. But to make a living with just a  B.A. is impossible
when I was looking at a long term. Also I have always knew that I was better in the world of arts and design rather then academia because I am a kinesthetic learner (aka hands-on learning).

While attending CSULB I was happy to learn what I had learned and yes there were some classes that I really enjoyed because some of the professors were super informative and THEY CAN TEACH THE INFORMATION,

But once I found a flaw in the system all hopes and goals just shattered away.

And if you ask me why didn't I change my major to something else, here's my answer:

I have already done 1/2 of my GE and major requirements at the end of my second year and to change my major will extend my stay in college. And there is a limit to a financial aid (cough cough grants cough). But more than that, if I was to apply to certain graduate school or career I want to sell myself by saying "Hey I can pull through any situation, even the ones that I really hate, and meet your expectation or beyond. So bring it on."

As result, the education that was required for a real grown-up job was never taught during my 4 years in a traditional 4 year college.

So after graduating  from CSULB, I decided to do what I really want (which was cosplaying and crafting)
I kept myself away from thinking about the future and took some time off...

But those who really know me, I am some what of work-a-holic. Literally right after graduation I took up an online career diploma program for Design and Dressmaking through PennFoster. Just to get some feel for what it would have been like if I went to a fashion school instead of traditional academia school.

Not knowing what I would get myself into, I started the program and from the start it was like I was back into academia. Because there was way too much reading.

I mean come on, I just got out of liberal arts studies where all we did was read, read, read, research, read, read, discussion, read, read, about 4 presentations throughout my entire college life, read, read, research, research, research...

I think you get the point...

I was done and sick of it because I was that one student who will read all the assigned books, articles, and researches.

But without a doubt, I did like Design and Dressmaking program because I was able to get some new information that I did not know about. And if you ask me if I had finish the program now, well, I'm almost done I have finished 5/7 modules.

Then during my "Not doing anything but just being lazy" period, I went back to Anime Expo after being absent for 5 years. For my return to anime expo, I picked up cosplaying again and cosplayed as Vanellope from Wreck-it-Ralph and Song Ji Hyo from SBS Korean variety called Running man.

Whether this was faith or the right time, that spark for the love of cosplaying return. I had reawakened my hobbies and interests from my childhood.

Then after confronting with myself with what I want to do I looked back at FIDM.

I contacted the school via email and I met the most wonderful admission adviser, Sheryl Lewin. Sheryl emailed me back and she informed me that there was a open house coming up. So I went to the open house on August 17th and got to see her face to face. Then after having a quick greeting we rescheduled for a proper advising the following week.

On our first formal advising, Sheryl helped me narrow down who I am and what I like to do. I don't know about other FIDM advisers but Sheryl took her time and guided me for about 3 hours. By the end of our advising I narrow down to Fashion Design and Visual Communication. With that she gave me homework to work on for our next meeting which was a later. Basically the homework was the FIDM entrance projects.

After looking at the things that I had to do between Fashion Design and Visual Communication

This was my conclusion:

As much as I wanted to pursue fashion design for the sole purpose of cosplaying, I decided that it wasn't for me because I do not have the talent for drawing. So I work on Visual Communication project and I was surprise to find myself having so much fun making the projects.

Then on our second advising we talked about my projects and the decisions of why I chose on over another.
We also talked a little bit about financial aid.

Basically my first two meetings were lots of questions and answers going back and forth.

The third meeting was the interview.

For our third meeting I was suppose to have all the documentations at hand. Unfortunately, due to labor day I was unable to get all the documents. So my third meeting changed from an interview to an advising. Sheryl gave me ideas and ways to get certain documents.

But ultimately she taught me so much about life in general and how to prepare my mind for the industry.

After leaving my third advising, I went on a personal adventure to gather all the documents that I needed.
Fortunately, I was able to gather all the documents and my interview was reset for the following day.

The interview day, I'm not sure how others will experienced or had experienced but when I went in for the interview I went there just like any other day that I had with Sheryl. I guess I felt very comfortable because Sheryl was such an amazing adviser who made me feel so comfortable at FIDM.

For me I was so hyped up during the interview with the assistant director because I was having so much fun just talking about the things that I like to do.

Once the interview was over, assistant director welcomed me to FIDM and Sheryl too welcomed me.

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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