Friday, May 17, 2013

Batgirl Silent Running

Batgirl Silent Running combination of issues #1-6

ISBN: 9781840232660

Who is Cassandra Cain?
Cassandra Cain isn't a typical teenager. Her father is David Cain, an assassin whose skills are no formidable, he was once called upon to train Batman himself. David Cain passed on his voluminous knowledge of the art of combat to his only daughter. Every ounce of her energy was devoted to learning his brutal skills... even at the expense of her speech.

Though trained to be the perfect assassin, Cassandra eventually decided that her father's ways were not her own. She left him and was found on the streets of Gotham by the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. In the aftermath of the great cataclysm of Gotham City, a new Batgirl emerged on the side of justice. But, when it was revealed that she was the vigilante known as the Huntress, she was given a choice: fall in line with Batman and his cohorts or lay down the cape and cowl. The Huntress chose to give up the mantle of the Bat... but the uniform would not fall out of use.

With the blessing of Barbara Gordon, Cassandra was asked to join Batman's crusade as the new Batgirl. Now, in the months following No Man's Land, she continues the quest for justice under Barbara's mentorship. But the road she takes toward self-discovery and vindication proves to be riddled with more bumps than she could ever have anticipated...

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