Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secret Santa & Panda Pillow

Tomorrow I'm having a Christmas party tomorrow with my friends!!~

My draw for secret santa wanted panda pillow
instead of buying it online, i've decided to make this

My version: see below -->

- White fleece 1yd
- Black fleece 1 ft

1) Start with some basic calculation of the panda

2) Blind sketched the body straight onto the fabric

3) Create pattern for ear, arm, and leg. Cut out 4 pieces for each part

4) Pin, cut and sew

5) Flip it inside out and stuff them

6) Place the black parts inside the "Right side" and pin them down and SEW. remember not to sew all the way you'll need room to pull the inside out.

7) Flip inside out.  Add eyes, tail and other features. STUFFING

8) Close the hole with a blind stitch or ladder stitch

and then DONE!!!~

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