Saturday, September 15, 2012

its been a while

Wow it's been a while since my last update >.<

anyway, study abroad in Korea this summer was GREAT!
and i'll be going back to korea again next summer and this time i will be participating English Village as well as academic program

Its been impressive to see how Psy's gangnam style has turned into worldwide phenomenon within months.
So it would be so much fun to study and analyze such fever in anthropological perspective than to study what has been already studied by other people in the past...
these professors.. they don't have any creativity...

as for school, this year will be hopefully-last-fall-semester for my b.a.
it's already been 3 weeks into school and there is always that one professor that makes me hate what i'm majoring in...

thus i'm starting to hate my anthro major...

i feel that from here on out.. my gpa will go down a lot since i dont want to put my effort into such useless professor...

oh well.. as long as i get 3.0 by the time of graduation i'll be okay.... (i think)

about korean school..
well things just didn't work out because the "new director" is a dictator
and she doesn't like me because i speak out against what is wrong...
so i was fired/ forced to quit.

on a brighter news,
i have finished a certificate program called "gabe" which is well known in korean society

so once i get my certificate shipped from korea i'll begin working again! =D
My final project

can't wait to work (and make money)
need so much money to travel and go to grad school!

as for grad school.. i was in such a turmoil but after talking with the advisers,
i'm so excited for grad school!!
apparently in Linguistics department in CSULB have a choice of special concentration where i get to choose what i want to study alongside of linguistics
so i dont have to go through the painful process of taking GRE or financial issues

instead, i'm thinking about having my special concentration in forensics alongside with linguistic
and the option of TESOL certificate!

this is going to be so much fun!
i can just see it
analyzing all your text and words~
beware BEWARE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ lol
(nah i wont do that to you guys, only if you commit crimes)

ah talking about forensics,
apparently our school had different programs that is offered through CCPE
so this fall i'll be taking Basic Applied Forensic Science and Crime Analysis Certificate Program
there are 8 classes out of 10 choices
Principles of Forensic Science

Topics Include:

  • General overview of forensic science
  • Current practices in fingerprints, firearms, and trace evidence
  • Laboratory equipment and methodologies

Criminal Investigation

Topics Include:

  • Grounding and overview of investigation
  • Interviewing and interrogation
  • Crimes against the person and property

Crime Scene Investigation

Topics Include:

  • Crime scene safety and search techniques
  • Crime scene diagrams and documentation
  • Identification, packaging, and booking of evidence

Courtroom Presentation of Evidence

Topics Include:

  • Collecting and preparing relevant evidence (diagrams, models, and charts)
  • Establishing the qualifications of the expert witness
  • Mock court exercises

Elective Modules:

Trace Evidence Analysis

Topics Include:

  • Forensic values of hairs, fibers, paint, glass, and soil
  • Well-known criminal cases related to Trace Evidence Analysis
  • New techniques and equipment of Trace Evidence Examination

Latent Print Techniques

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to latent print techniques
  • Acceptance of fingerprint evidence in court
  • Legal challenges to fingerprint evidence

Firearms Identification

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the science of forensic firearms identification
  • Forensic laboratory analysis of firearms and ammunition evidence
  • Basic skills in the investigation of firearms-related crimes

Forensic Psychology

Topics Include:

  • The most common psychological disorders that fall within the realm of forensic psychology
  • Discussion of: Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Postpartum-Mood Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), Psychotic Disorders, and Substance-Abuse Related Disorders
  • Examination of the psychopathic traits of a serial killer, e.g. Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the "Ice Man"
  • A hands-on group activity where students will evaluate and analyze a case based on materials presented in class

Skeletal Analysis

Topics Include:

  • Human vs. non-human remains
  • Overview of the human skeletal system with a focus on "sexing" and "aging" in skeletal remains
  • Establishing a forensic context

Death Investigation: The Role of the Coroner

Topics Include:

  • Role of the coroner, including applicable laws, standard terminology, and basic procedures
  • In-depth examination of coroner operation
  • Basic coroner death investigation
I'll be taking everything except for latent print techniques and firearms identification

If i happen to enjoy these courses,
i might go back for second m.a./ m.s. in forensic anthropology
but i'm pretty sure i'll go back for second m.s. =D

well.. i'm gonna go be lazy again

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