Saturday, July 14, 2012

second day

hum.. on saturday went to the orientation and meet all the professors for this summer
and thankfully, the professors for my class seems enthusiastic about their field of teaching!
so hopefully, it'll be a fun classes?

the classes that i am hoping to get into are
"introduction to korean society and culture" by Prof Ria Chae
"international religions and cultures, east & west" by Prof Edward Chung

i have also signed up for cultural activities like
ceramics, korean mask making, korean fan making, and something else?

after the orientation, the people who were there just for the AP academic program were suppose to turn in the paper, but when i went to their office, no one was there,
so i went out to grab brunch again at mcdonalds 
(this time i got the picture! i'll upload later when i get wifi on my phone)

after brunch, hit seoul!!~ =D

On the way to myeongdong, there was a traffic so it took a bit longer than an hour to get there
when i got there my priority was to get a hair clip to put my bangs up... (need to get that cut asap)
and umbrella since there was a 90% chance of rain.

Before getting those priorities, i had iced tiramisu mocha from Pascucci
and it was good :3

after the coffee break to get myself energized with caffeine,
got myself hair clip and umbrella!!
and got myself some vitamin C since i know that i won't be eating much

then walked around here and there
went to uniqlo to get avenger shirts but ended up buying batman rising shirt for my older brother
i wanted to get one for myself but.. getting two same shirts was like "ehh"
ended up getting only one

went to holika holika and got myself my first lip gloss (LOL)
went into a cd/dvd store to get some dramas for my grandma ut they didn't have it
also they didn't have it in different region

then comes the falling of the adventure in myeongdong...
it began to rain and i was getting sick to my stomach

ended up coming back to campus around 6:30ish
went to visit the office again to see if i can turn my documents in
and i guess miracles do happen!!
i was able to catch one of the administrator?/ professor that was coming out of the office
and luckily she accepted m paper works and told me to come after class on monday

went to my room, got some medicine, drank water, took some vit. c and pop some mints to get rid of that horrible stomachache... (still no roommate... hurray?)

day two and still meeting new people!!
had so much fun at night, lots of discussions (ㅋㅋㅋ)

(that hair of mine... gotta cut it.. one eye is going to go blind T-T)

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