Monday, July 16, 2012

3rd day + first day of summer classes

out of all the days sunday was the worst...
rain and wind together all day

but on the brighter side i finally cut my bangs!
and ate lunch with a new group of people~
the 설렁탕owner... gangsta.. LOL

after lunch we hit korean baskin robins
got a cup of SHOOTING STAR!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆

went to pc방 to play some CS or Left4Dead
but both were not working even though the game was there

so we ended up playing the original SC
long story short, the damn island map just made everything so difficult

then we had phoebe's goodbye party T-T
(hope that her leg won't give her much trouble after surgery)

then started to meet people just by seating at the entrance of the dorms
teaching ben some korean words here and there

overall spent the day as a recovering period before classes began
Soo monday, started off with visiting the office to ask them about the class situations and such
finally paid money for insurance
(me being in korea definitely requires me to have one- learned from previous experience)

went to morning class and learn more than i expected
got out early

met up with mia and the group that were waiting for us
went to lunch downhill at LA burgers,
food came out 15min before afternoon class started
quickly packed up and started hiking up the hill to get to the class -_-
even with shortcut we were still late by 5mins... felt soo guilty ㅠㅠ
but it was nice since the professor let us out 2 hrs early =D

since then, went to the dorm to drop off the laptop...
its such a difficult decision >.<
i need my laptop so i don't need to use my wrist as much
but if i do take it, it's just so heavy T-T
and if i dont take it my wrist hurts and i can't ready my own writing T-T

anyway i went down the hill of death after i dropped my computer
got water paint for my younger brother and pencil case for Nat! =D
picked up maria's umbrella

and rushed up the stairs of death to meet up with maria
we went to emart and got some 자두and cucumber for nur
and i got mickey towel =)

and apparently i'll be going to london cafe now~

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