Friday, February 24, 2012

Many things happened this week

wanna see how i got to end up making this
continue on reading =D
tutorial at the end

starting with sunday, i had so much fun with my church people.. huh.. church people hehe
on that day i lost my bible but found it right away
anyway we talked about lots of things

then comes the downfall of my week >.<
on monday i get in argument with my mother... sigh.... daughter vs. mom never a good ending
on tuesday i turned 21 and got so many birthday wishes!~
which brought my mood up sooooo much!! =D
shoutout to all of you guys: thank you, love you!! ♥♥♥

on the side note, i got these sweet cute pictures from my secret admirer
another plus cheering me

and to anyone who are having a rough day, hope these pictures will help you out!

and from my awesome twin Michelle!~ she got me this sweet potato cake

As for the ribbon that was shown on the top,
i made it for my dear friend's 20th birthday
it wasn't much of a surprise because i made it in front of her cause i didn't have a ride to her house so i just took all my supplies to her house >.<

so here's the tutorial that you've been waiting for.
my friend had shown me a website so this is NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA!

so if you know this person or website link, let me know so i can give them the credit!

alright, so here's the PETER PAN SCHEME RIBBON
this one is the bigger one which i made first

the tutorial is made with the left overs of this ribbon
taking my left overs, 

begin making two bows

glue the red feather down and stabilize it first 
before gluing the ligt green ribbon
lastly take the light brown and glue it around the center

add your choice of clip and here you go 

and a little bit of a close up of the smaller ribbon

um... even though i'm taking less class as in one less, the workload is still the same T-T

but i will try to upload as much as i can ~

✎ From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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