Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recycle: Organizing Ribbon

Some ribbon come in a spool and some just don't,

so the best way to organize them is to put them neatly in a cute box!
Now the question is how?

if you still have some boxes left from your Christmas presents let's recycle it!

This is the box that I'll be working on

Inside this box, there was something else glued, so pulled it off
Here are my damage report: bottom and on the sides


Lately i've found that scrapbook papers are so diverse in design,
here i "measure the inside box by turning the box upside down
but before marking it down, i've moved the box a little bit more out of the scrapbook paper 
because the inside of the box is smaller than the overall size of the box

Here i dapped some glue all over the bottom surface of the box

Then glue the scrapbook paper =D

remember the damage that i made to the sides,
i used left over scrapbook papers like so

Now toss in the ribbons without spools and close the lid so dust doesn't gather =)

There you have it!
Cute little box to hold your ribbons~
It only cost me $0.20 for the scrapbook paper

double posting coming soon!

✎ From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

P.S. I'm working on my blog/ logo/ brand? design and i'm liking it! can't wait to use photoshop to make it all legit~ ❤

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