Thursday, January 5, 2012

Choices, Choices: French Berrette, Alligator, or Snap Clips

Once i was done with my recycle box for my spool-less ribbons,

i went to work on this:

Okay here's the story about this hair clip,
yup you read it right, a story

very short one =)

There is this baby girl that i really like
so i was thinking about making something like my previous hair clips
but the main key is "baby"

in my previous hair clips, i used french barrettes
One thing that i've noticed with these were that some people push the clip down to the skull/ head to close the clip

In case of a baby's skull, i would NOT RECOMMEND (but it's your choice) it 
because their skull is still growing 
(anthropologically speaking their skulls are still in pieces: baby have 300 bones because they are in pieces and until they become a full adult with 206 bones)
(girls) you know what i'm talking about then somethings it hurts if you "miss it"

So the other alternative that i had in my disposal was a snap clip
although i think for babies the best clip to use is an alligator clip, 
but moms keep in mind that if your baby dislikes thing in their head 
alligator clip has the chance to pull some hair out because of its "teeth"
when your b-e-a-utiful daughter decides to yank it 
and the rest, well you know...

anyway with the baby girl that i know, 
she doesn't like things on her head 
so i went with a snap clip because this will slide off if she decides to yank it

as far as the colors/ texture/ and designs go,
i chose to work with brown and pink/ red since valentine is next month 

(i know its still a month away but this clip can be use anytime as well)

As far as textures go, 
- i used brown grosgrain with pink dots because they look like chocolate strawberry ice cream color
-- then i used a pink tulle 
--- a mix of sheer and satin with heart prints
---- a gold glitter button

(psychologically and linguistically speaking, when babies from a very young age come into contact with different colors and textures, it helps them grow mentally and artistically)
so even if you use same color, use different textures =)

Since this is a gift: a wrapping special =D
I seem to misplace the spongy thing that comes with this box, so alternative is...

to use tissue paper!
crumple it up with one go and put it inside the box 
(if you crumple it multiple times, like you first crumpled it and try to re-crumple, it doesn't look clean)

and there you have it, a short story with a long side story LOL

off to church for the morning service in 3 hrs! can't wait =)

Happy Thursday everyone

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

P.S. I got my first DC figurine!!! i'll post it more later today?

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