Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pin Cushion Frame

Double post today!!~

You know when you become very familiar with sewing with sewing machine,
you start to use pins, lots of pins

even though i have like 2 small pin cushions, 
i wanted to make another one so that i can keep it in my room.

i came up with this idea because i wanted to get rid of a frame because it won't stand on my desk
so i finally after 4 years of annoyance, decided to give a new look to the frame


now the tutorial of making of::

1. Gathering Materials:
- Frame 
- Foam board
- Cotton
- Fabric (i used flannel)
- Pen
- Glue gun
- Box knife or exacto knife
- Plier 
- Chalk
- Scissor
- Buttons

 2. Taking the Frame apart:
- Glass is not needed, so take it out
- using the back support of the frame

 3. Take off the back support leg thing
i used pen and box knife to cut away as much as i can

then using the plier, pull the entire thing out

 4. trace the foam board with the back support of the frame
 - cut it out to with box cutter or your way

5. Put the foam board into the frame and trace the inside

 6. place the foam on top of the fabric and use chalk to draw the outline of where you will be cutting
- when you cut the fabric make sure to leave extra space of fabric all around the foam board

7. Grab cotton to fit inside the red line, 
the more you put the puffier the cushion will be

 8. Find the center o where the Button will go and trace the button
- then sew the button

 9. Now sandwich the materials together,
- Foam board
- Cotton
-  Fabric with the button sew on the botton

10. Use hot glue gun to glue the fabric onto the foam board like so
(TIP:: i used threading needle to tread the button once more to the foam board so it gives a better texture)

 11. Now take this and put it into the frame : )
there you have it~ done

For tomorrow's post i'm thinking about making either 
a mini top hat or 
crown or 
playing games =D

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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