Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Earring Frame tutorial

Okay i'm going to post the tutorial for the earring right now =)

Since my class is doing a presentation for the next hour i think i'll can put the tutorial up!! yea~
p.s. this will be the most awkward tutorial you'll read since this is my first tutorial

so before i start, i want to say that you can save a lot of money if you go to garage sale or yard sale to gather big supplies like frames

1. getting things together

also not shown in the picture is black satin ribbon
here's my supply list
Supplies from: Joann fabric and craft store-
8x8 Shadowbox black &14.99
1" round mirror $0.99
2" round mirror $0.99
Scrapbook paper $0.59

and at Home Depot
9pc hook $6.97
charcoal fiberglass screen $4.98
3/8" x 48" dowel $0.97

Total cost was $30.48
BUT BUT with discounts and sale prices 
my final total was $22.25

I still have a lot of materials left from it so i don't think it was "that" expensive to make it because 
*hint hint cough cough i might have some future project coming soon with these materials! =D*
 2. (Optional) The first thing that i should have done was to paint these guys
 so that it was dried by the time i was ready to use them....
i decided to paint them because the white was way too clashing with my black frame, and i only had forest green spray paint at the time so i painted them in green >.<
I still liked the silve color so i taped them with masking tape

since my paint was green, i put them on glass and spray it
3. I got an 8x8 frame because i dont have a lot of earrings
anyway when take the frames apart, there's an inner frame inside 
4. So apparently I'm missing a picture that has the dowel being cut to size...
For this part, measure the dowel to the inner shadowbox frame and cut to size,
THEN I cover the wooden dowel with the scrapbook paper
- i used mod podge to glue the paper since i didn't have school glue nearby,
i think you can use school glue too
5.  Cut the fiberglass a little bit bigger than the frame, there's a reason for it
and then to one end, glue ribbon to the fiberglass with hot glue
 6. As I was working on it I suddenly decided to cut the fiberglass in half so that i can use the other half of the frame for something else,
7.  remember how i told you when you cut it, 
cut it a little bit bigger than the frame size
well here's why 
i folded the fiberglass to fit the inner frame size and gave a good crease
8.  Once the crease is made, hot glue it with a thin layer across the inner side of the frame
 9.  Once the dowel with scrapbook paper was dried, take the inner frame of the shadow box frame and  eyeball the point of where i wanted to place the dowel
 10. Take the scrapbook paper and cover the back of the frame hanger
material needed for this is
3 1" mirror
1 2" mirror
beads on strings
11. Draw the outline of where the mirrors will go
 12. Glue the ribbons first and glue the mirror on top
The mirrors are suppose to look like a shooting star ✩✩
13.  For more texture, place the beads on string around the mirror and glued them with hot glue with thin layers
 14.  Once the pieces are put together (outer frame, inner frame and the back) this is how it looked like
 15.  remember the optional thing with the hooks well i put them on the side and on the bottom so that i can hang keys and id holders

Here are the close up of the earrings =)

happy tuesday

✎ From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ✩

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