Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cookie & Cupcake Hair Clip

On Wednesday, i end up playing Diablo II and korean online game called CrazyArcade =D
ah it brought back so many fun memory back in jr. high and high school

For today's post, a fast tutorial on how to make hair clips using ribbons~

The ribbon hair clips that i've seen around have either 4 or 6 loops
but i made mine with 5 loops because it looks like sakura flower
and star also have 5 points
yup so i have initialized my hair clips by giving them 5 loops ☆☆☆☆☆

P.S. until i get a camera stand for my camera, i won't be able to show you guys the full tutorial step by step T_T sorry

So here's the partially completed tutorial: *^^*

(Coming soon: Ribbon Cabinet:: because this is just messy)

1. Gathering Materials:
- Ribbons (various size, color, prints)
- scissor
- pins/ or double sided tape (recommend double sided tape)
- hot glue or thread and needle
- hair clips
- Resins

 2. Start off with the Printed ribbon
- Give 5 loops
-- when i make my loops, i begin by making the loops to form a butterfly shape (4 loops)
then add one more loop to make it look something like this
(((then pin the center and the loops)))

3. Use Hot glue to glue down the center
-- this part is very hard >.< 
you have to carefully remove the pins from the center and hold on to the center at the same time
but leave the pins for your loops

**make sure that you don't lose your shape of the ribbon *

4. Take the second ribbon (i used a lavender sheer ribbon that is one size bigger than the cupcake ribbon)
- Loop it around the cupcake ribbon
-- when you do this start at the same point where the "ends" meet
--- glue the centers of the front and the back
--- When i looped mine, i put some space between the cupcake ribbon and lavender sheer ribbon

6. I used the light brown/ gold ribbon to loop the opposite gaps in between
- then add the turquoise ribbon on top

7. Glue your choice of Resins (miniature sweets: cookie) and hot glue it
- Take out the loopy thing from the hair clip

8.  Take a ribbon that will fit though those holes and hot glue it around the top portion 
Then glue the ribbon to the hair clip

9. Glue here and there and it's done!

i called this: musical hair clip =D

this was actually my first one and i used thread and needle technique to tie them together.  
i've added a bell just because christmas is coming soon 

On Christmas Eve, i'm thinking about making a Elf or Santa's hat
and if i have time i'm thinking about making a christmas santa clothes as well

i can't wait for tomorrow!~

Good night everyone

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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