Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel: 2 Weeks in Japan in Autumn 2015 Part 2

Full Day 1 in Japan began with owl cafe. We had to make online reservation via email to see the owls. 

After we located the Owl Cafe, we still have time to kill before our reservation. Given that we haven't ate breakfast we went to and grab some handmade onigiri. We got our food, but there were not many place where we can actually sit down and enjoy the food. After getting our onigiri we went into a cafe to get a drink so we can sit down and eat.

Personal Tip 1: I'm not sure if we were allowed to bring in outside food and eat it together with the drinks that we had order. Either way no one really  said anything to us so we sat at the cafe and ate our breakfast.
Personal Tip 2: the cafe was quite quiet compare to the numbers of customers that they had, and we made lots of noise just to open the containers

After our breakfast we went back to the owl cafe to wait until our reservation.












selfie with an owl 

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