Monday, May 30, 2016

Travel: 2 Weeks in Japan in Autumn 2015 Part 4

New day starting with breakfast/ brunch at a small pub in Tokyo Station.

Pokemon Cafe displayed sweets

Pikachu bread

Pokemon Cafe located on first floor

Autum 2015 Pokemon clear folders

Pokemon clear folders

statue of Lucario at Pokemon center, near the registers

A break in between pokemon center to our next destination

Dessert cafe!
Sweets everywhere


Tokyo Ghoul gashapons

zombie batman?

Nakano Broadway at night time across the train station

disney halloween advertisement around the train station

mos buger! yum yum
goodies from this day. I found frozen in japanese dub! loved all the voices except for Oalf. I think it is hard to replace american version of Oalf. no one can replace american oalf!
Little sailor moon pouch I used to keep my money

It was cute, thus i bought it. I don't know where this is from but cuteness was all i needed.

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