Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY: DSLR Camera Bag

After some researching, the only major difference between a regular bag and camera bag were the padding inserts. 

Thanks to my many left over scraps of fabric and materials, I was able to make this for free~

- Camera
- Flannel scraps from many years ago when I was making my accessory board
- Leftover high density foam from my archer snow white cosplay for wondercon 2015 (I had to use a 1inch foam becasue that was the only thing I had at home. but i would definately recommend using an 1/2 inch instead.)
- Scraps of kawaii Baymax fabric from previous commissions and personal backpack

Measure, cut, sew, and place the foam inside.

I put the padding into a bag that i wasn't using in hopes that it will fit

I was able to fit everything including my extra camera lens and camera accessories

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