Thursday, May 26, 2016

2015 spamming cosplay update

Let the spamming begin. (Unfortunately, I had to removed& delete some of my in progress pictures because I was running out of space on my phone and on my sd card. But when I do find them i'll post it up)

ALA 2015 Tokyo Ghoul Gathering.
I went as Touka from chapter 48 Ear Bone Cover page.

These two lovely photos were taken at Wondercon 2015. so big thanks to Robert T. Photography because it came out so beautiful!

This costume was made back in fall/ winter 2014 when I was taking a Fundamental of Costume Design class at my local community center. (Yea... I already have degree but I go back to schools to learn new trade)

So for the class, I was to make a Renaissance costume. Naturally I went to Genderbent Captain America from that period. I also made a headpiece to go with this costume. The main point of the head piece was to look similar to Captain's headgear, where he has an A symbol in front and wings on the side. Like so I had an A initial jewelry and 3 feathered wings on each side. It was very fun to make the headpiece but took so much effort on putting them on. (perhaps when I go back home in the states I can post close up of that headpiece because the back side looks pretty cool too)

Jumping to Anime Expo 2015. This photo was taken by The Frame Guy. I think he goes to a lot of the cons. Anyway this frame and our costume matched so well. About the cosplay, this is a group cosplay that I did with my friend @kuragecosplay based off of a PV called Masquerade performed by the Versailles. I went as Teru and my friend went as Hizaki. For some reason whenever we cosplay together there are lots of white fabric involved and it is never our intension to do so. LOL

So far I think this cosplay was one of my most expensive, time consuming, and most challenging one. But i got to learn lots of new skills while making it.
I don't know right now, but when I get back to cosplaying world I want to retouch on some of this and take more photos of it.

At Anime Expo 2015, my other friend @nonnie_shuu and I cosplay from Kamisama Hajimemashite, (Kamisama Kiss).
We cosplayed as Mizuki and I as Tomoe crossdressed as Nanami (that scene when Tomoe went to school instead of Nanami)

We stood in line for this panel very early so we were able to secure front row seats!
Well, given that we were cosplayed from the mangaka's character the translator for this panel took lots of picture of us! O.O

When August rolled around, I went to D23 with my friends. It was my first time at this expo because it rolls around every other year. In order to fit into both disney and cosplay, I went with Hannah Alexander's artwork of Mulan. (Luckily I have posted a wip on my cosplay amino) so I will transfer that post to this blog eventually.

On day 2 of D23 Expo I went as genderbent Hiro from Big Hero 6 with handmade 4foot tall Baymax plushie. For this I went as a group with my two other friends who went as genderbent Wasabi and Fred.

On Day 3 of D23 Expo my friends and I went as genderbent Supernatural Sam, Dean, and Castiel.

And roughly this is what I have done during my 2015 cosplay life. I was going to my Leah for Blizzcon but I had to save my money for Japan trip that was coming up first.

But now I have so much picture of Japan things to post! so stay toon for that!!

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