Monday, August 11, 2014

Cosplay: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Sailor Hat

Soooo i'm almost hitting 1 year with this cosplay >.< but yea... I finally understood how to tackle this hat!

Before doing all this I made a basic outline with craft foam to see how it will look

damn i have no color on my lip... 
that last picture of me on the right side.. 
maybe i do need to see some sunlight

After getting that basic form and shape I went ahead and teared them apart to make patterns on the interfacing.
Then I fused the interfacing, sew white fabric, and surged the edges

After that I sew the blue fabric to the white rim

Here I should have sewn on the white ribbon but I got lazy and decided to super glue it (and regret it) i should have just gone with sewing... oh well lazyness

Ah and for the yellow ribbon, i super glued it and have no regrets.
As I was looking for the back reference from fanart and official art? 
it looked like they had a pentagon shape or something like that. 
So I ended up using origami technique of folding star for the center point.

Semi front view?
I clipped the edges of the yellow ribbon because of the official art has it clipped

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