Monday, July 14, 2014

Genderbend Kiki from Little Twin Stars

So here's to another Genderbend Kiki.
But this Kiki is from going from Male to Female.
Kiki from Little Twin Stars franchise.

For this Kiki cosplay, I didn't get to make it
Instead I bought the lolita clothes from Aliexpress

Unfortunately for this dress, it looks really flat.
It is one of my future plan to make a petticoat.

But for now, the wig and the dress are really a nice match =D

This was originally planned for Anime Expo 2014 Day 3, but like I said, did not have enough time to complete everything.

So... I don't know for which con I'll be wearing this to but I'll be making accessory and shoes for this cosplay. I will finish this!!!~ So please look forward to it~

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