Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cosplay: Rin Matsuoka Sailor Uniform Shoes

After looking through some fan art design of the Free! Iwatobi Sailor uniform,
I decided to customize the shoe to my design

First the Reference pictures for the shoes
Original Art

Looks like Moccasin shoes

Boating Shoes?

Different version of Boating Shoes?

Another Boating Shoes design?

Boating Shoes?

Bottom of the Shoes

Bought these White Shoe at Target

Fabric Paint Brush
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (Matte) Color: Cornflower
Masking Tape

Using Masking Tape: Cover the area where it will remain white

Paint rest in blue (Cornflower)
[Left: one layer       Right: two layer]

Painted 2 layers

After taking off the Masking Tape

Taping down the tongue of the shoe

Carefully paint the tongue of the shoe without getting other

Let it dry all the way before removing the tape

You can either put the shoelaces back 

or leave it as is since there are elastic attached.

My personal favorite- on the bottom of the sole write "FOR THE TEAM"

There you have it~ 
A pair of Free! Iwatobi Sailor uniform shoe

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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