Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy August!

I have been away from my blog for a while.. 
that's because I found some awesome stuff and projects that are being planned~

First off, I think it's always important to follow your dreams.
In order to help my younger brother with making games I brought him a gaming program called RPG Maker VX Ace.

Well before getting this I tried out the trial version RPG Maker VX Ace Trial and I loved it.
After getting a hard copy of the disc (because I never know what will happen to my computer I always try to get hard copies) from amazon RPG Maker VX Ace at Amazon I now have it forever =D

FYI: there is no difference between Trial and Full version. Trial has the full version but for limited days (30days).
Since getting this, I basically stay up all night for at least 6 days trying to figure out how to use it as well as other features. My knowledge in programming is NONE but I've been searching through forums and youtube videos to get some help here and there.

When I become better at it who knows, I might do some youtube videos of my own to help others just like others have helped me =D

On the other news (Crafting and what not) 

For the past couple of weeks my mom has been bugging me to make her a summer one piece dress.
We went out and got these fabrics
Cute? well she is a preschool teacher so the apple and bees seems fine.
Honestly I have no idea how to make her a dress 
but hey, can't expect to making it without giving a try... right?
I bought more cupcake fabric =D 
I have no idea what I will make with those but still I just got more!!~

I have been planning on getting a dress form....
but the reviews and cost was way too much for me to handle.
So I decided to make one, DIY style.
Please look forward to it =D
I'm in the process of gathering the material that I need to make it

Because I have no Idea how the one piece dress will look like with the fabric that I got
I picked this dressform pin cushion from Joann for $11 (tax included) with 40% discount coupon =D
I'll be making a miniature size dress before making the dress for my mom.

In other other news, while I was out shopping for the material with my younger brother
we picked up on these games.
Yes we got the Amnesia game. 
Well at least my younger brother says that he will play it.
Can't wait to see how that goes >.<
And as for me... 
I just hope I will survive when I decide to play this one day.

While I'm talking about games here I'll introduce another one.
The game is called Long Live the Queen from Hanako games.
It is a life stimulation game and I had fun with it.
I mean at least with the demo.
So here's another link for it Long Live the Queen

After playing it I'm planning on getting the game (hard copy as usual).
And I really love the art for this game!! <3

Other than that, I've been busy playing Diablo 3.
Finally after a year my first character (Wizard) has reached level 60 (Y^_^Y)

Well. I kinda gave up on wizard and jump into Monk because playing wizard was sooo hard =(

But after getting Hellfire Rings I finished my wizard and started on new characters and leveled them up to 60 =D

I've also got my demon hunter to level to 60

Right now I'm working on Witch Doctor (currently) level 30. So i'm half way there!!~
Now I just need to work on barbarian and I'll have all different class!!!~

Ah! and currently I am planning on making cosplay for AX2014.
I am stuck with deciding which one to make >.<
They are from Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Adel and Penelo

And I think this summarizes why I have been MIA from my blog.
Sorry for long post >.<

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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