Sunday, August 25, 2013

2nd part of Vis Comm entrance project

In making of this display,
I got cuts and slices on my fingers and thumb T_T

but all will be worth it?

Part 2 of visual communications entrance project is (with some modifications):

1. Imagine you are Visual Merchandiser responsible for the design and creation of your store's external window display. Design a window presentation.

2. Write about your inspiration and address the following topics: projected theme, type of merchandise being displayed, targeted audience, materials needed to create this display, and details that would make this display successful.

The theme for this window display is music. The color scheme for the display is classic black and white. The walls and ceiling are covered in white. But realistically speaking it would look better with silky white fabric to provide more effect from the side wall coming down towards the floor. Treble clef is drawn on the back wall to portray a 2 dimensional effect. On each side of the wall, mirrors are placed in a shape of musical notes. Crystal acrylic spheres of different sizes were used to bring more focus to the display by placing them around the floor.

The main piece in this display is the staff. The staff is made as a function of a stair so that the mannequins can be placed as musical notes. On the right edge of the stairs, black paint is used to mark an end of measure or a “bar.”

Merchandise that will be displayed in this setting is fashion for winter season. The displayed fashion trend will be with the colors of silver and gold.

Targeted audience for this display ranges from older teenagers to young adults.

Materials needed for this display are wood to make the staff stairs, black and white paints, 2 mirrors in a shape of music notes, crystal balls, and lots of time. In order to have a successful display, the staff and the treble clef should line up correspondingly.

From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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