Tuesday, October 30, 2012

100th day

So in Korean culture there are celebrations for 100th days
- baby's 100th day since birth
- bf & gf 100th day
- husband & wife 100th day
- kpop industry, when the idol/ groups made it to their 100th day

vitamin C & caffeine

stuffed all 100 origami hearts filled with vitaC with 100 messages & coupons  

now to break it down here:

 100 origami hearts

 filled the hearts with Vitamin C (lemon & grape flavor)

Added 100 messages

packed 100 hearts into the container, and carefully placed the hearts on top
(between these hearts, i placed a gift card for Starbucks)

there were just too many.. the lid can't close down all the way T_T

customized the back with his and your names
inside the heart also has another message

So after all that finished it with a ribbon tied around it :3 Y^A^Y

(ps. i'll be posting tutorial on folding the hearts)

other ideas for improvement that i thought about after giving this:
- at the bottom of the container, write a note or message so that by the time he reach the bottom, there's another surprise waiting
- decorate the interior sides of the container with pictures with each other

(why do good ideas come later T-T)


  1. I think it's such a cute idea with the 100th day celebrations.
    congarts on your 100th day with your bf!
    have a nice day ♥