Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off to Korea!!

last night i was getting some headache here and there, but after an awkward nap, i woke up and ended up spending the night watching Madoka Magica,
since my friend recommended it~
and it was definitely worth whole ~270min

anyway, for the last two days, i've been making my mini-bags to keep my things more organized when i threw them into the suitcase
while i was making them, i tried various types of bag making from using a button, to string tie, to ribbons...

anyway, thanks to that, i was able to put almost all of my stuff into a bagception
a bag with in a bag within a smaller and mini bags =D
can't wait to see what kind of stuff i'll be bring back home >.<

before i start trailing off to a nonsense land, i'll stop around here now~
alrighty, updates from Korea coming soon~

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