Friday, July 13, 2012

First official day in Korea!!

although i arrived in korea last night,
didn't have time to do much since it was all dark T-T

oh on my way from incheon airport to the campus,
the taxi's generator died out O.O
and with my previous experiences with cars, accidents, freeways...
it was kinda scary

but omg i made it in one piece.
on my way to campus, a professor from San Bernardino was also on that same ride with me
and he was hilarious!
so many stories!!

but today!
i met up with my friend and started on a journey to making new friends
from all over the world!!

and everyone that i have met are sooo nice and awesome!!
anyway as for today,
i went to get some korean style mcdonald bulgogi burger as brunch
and it was soooo good :3
i'm thinking about starting a quest (food blog) to eat all the different types of mcdonald burgers that can't be found in the states!

Too bad, i didn't have time to take a pic of bulgogi 불고기 burger
because by then i was starving
so only thing that came to mine was to satisfy my stomach >.<
so next time i get the chance to eat bulgogi burger i'll make sure to take pic!

other than that,
i met with lots of EV students and my their english were very good
(maybe it had to do that they were mostly advance students)

later on we had patbingsu 팥빙수 and that was great too!


(dang it i'm getting hungry from just talking about food T-T)

bought my first souvenir for my younger brother

so many adventure in one day i wonder what tomorrow will bring...

oh yea, orientation for the academic program that will be starting next week....
haha ha...

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