Friday, March 2, 2012

taegukki 태극기

so on my last update, i posted my craft of making korean flag.

and today i had to reduce the level of difficulty.

so i started off with making this

((sorry for the bad quality of the pic >.<)

  1. Start off with a white foam and draw the flag templete
*** but when you draw the templete, draw it on the "WRONG SIDE"***

 2. Take embroidering thread and needle and start stitching the templete

3. When you flip it back to the "RIGHT SIDE" the stitching should make an outline of the flag

4. This picture is after stitching the black, red and blue thread. 
As for the center red and blue, i only gave an outline bordering
then filled in the center with red and blue marker

5. Using the same popsicle stick from last post's project, hot glue it half way down

6. Take another foam sheet to cover up the thread on the "WRONG SIDE"
Hot glue the foam sheet only on the thread side and the center

7.  When you cover them, it should look like this
and write information about the flag

8.  Once that is done, here's the korean flag booklet with flag info =D

Before i started this, i thought it would be very easy... but after i finished making it.. i was wrong..
i think this is so much harder to do since stitching was involved.
otherwise it was a fun project, although this wont be done tomorrow for our class craft

just wanted to shared again =)


so in the end, i decided to go very very very basic

so i ended up making this

here, i took korean traditional patterned paper and cut them to side then glue.

and this is what i decided to do
so for the last 2 hrs, i been cutting these suckers to size and made set for 13 students...

now i need to get back to writing paper that i have to turn in by sunday....
sigh.. my weekend.. just disappeared T-T
can't wait to take a long LONG break

but don't worry i'll still be around ^____^

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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