Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1st (삼일절)

March 1st in Korea is a very important day,
known as "March 1st Movement"
This day was one of the earliest public display of Korean resistance during the occupation of the Korean Empire by Japan

and this year in korean school i'm thinking about doing different craft
so, i have come up with this


when i first planned this out, i thought i would be easy enough for the pre-kinder / kinder
.. boy i was wrong.
this was like a level of 2 or 3 grade...

but i still want to share it~ cause it was fun and here's why

I got a wood burner~

1.  Begin with 9~10 popsicle sticks (the size is a little bit bigger than the usual popsicle stick)
2.  Then mark on both ends where the holes will be made
3.  Using the wood burner, burn the hole! (i used wood burner because if i use nail there's a big change that the stick might crack)

4. String the holes together 

5. Draw the templete: if you don't feel comfortable to make a one go, use pencil first then use sharpie (BUT make sure to erase the pencil mark before painting) 

6. First paint the base (white) 

7. Finish giving the color and let it dry 

8. Using the wood burner, burn? carve? the name/ date in =D

9. Done! one to that i messed up here was the string.  The string should be longer on the left side rather than the right

-- The reason for using popsicle sticks was to replicate the old days when people used scrolls, although it did not turn out the way that i expected, i think it still worked okay--

Look forward to different version of making korean flag at a easier level~~

✎From the ☾moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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