Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sew: Mac charger & DS 3D bag/ cover

just like yesterday's post, today is another tutorial for making a bag for the chargers

when i was making these, i was so into making it that i forgot to take pictures of steps
Since i was unable to take all the steps into making of, in this post i have posted two types of bag/ cover

:::Mac Charger:::

1. Gathering Materials:
- fabric (I used flannel)
- chalk (anything to mark the fabric)
- ruler
- sewing machine
- accents: button
2. Like the other no-sew, 
i estimated the measurement by placing my charger onto the fabric 
(**Remember to add extra measurement**)

and cut to size

3. Using a ruler, make a line where you will be sewing but dont sew yet

4. Place the Mac charger to measure where the top fabric will be sewn

5. Now go to the sewing machine and sew
starting with the blue line but only the top layer and sew
then sew the red lines

 6. Flip onto the other side and fold the edges into a triangle like so and sew the red lines

7. Fold the top and sew the blue line
8. Sew on the button and hake a hole for the button to go through
- when you're done it should look something like a envelope 
and then you are done~

:::DS 3D Cover:::

1. Gathering Materials:
- fabric (i used flannel)
- chalk
- ribbon
- ruler
- sewing machine
- miniature sweets (2 gingerbread man)
- hot glue

 2.  Measure the fabric:
- when measuring the fabric add the measurement for the top
(see the size difference between the left and the right of the DS, right side has extra fabric)

 3. FIRST: fold the top, and sew along the red line
then fold the fabric in half with the wrong side up and sew along the green lines

4.  Using the same technique from the No-Sew Ipod Charger
bob the ribbon through and hot glue the gingerbread man

thus far...this is all i have for the bag/ cover 
maybe i'll post different thing later today..

until then,

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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