Saturday, December 17, 2011

Miniature Sweets nail art

Good evening everyone~
today i was out all day long, sorry for posting it so late >.<'''

for today, i have gone back to my old days when i had these little sweets on my nail
I have really weak nails so i thought that if i put these on my nails wont crack or break as easily
and i wanted to share it with you guys~

(p.s. i'm not used to these long fake nails so im having hard time typing LOL)

okay as usual....
lets start off with the materials that you will need:

1. Gathering materials:
- fake nails
- nail polish (pick your favorite colors~)
- nail polish remover (just in case you make mistakes)
- cotton swab
- nail glue (i use "jet dry nail glue)
- miniature sweets (i make my own miniature sweets)

other materials not shown in picture:
- hot glue
- TWEEZER (your best friend)
- accents/ textures (small beads, sparkle glue...) like these below

2. There are two options for this step: 
- Paint the fake nails leaving the tip design showing
- or just leave them as is
and let them dry

3. Pick your sweets to glue onto the dried fake nails

4. Use hot glue and attach it to the nail

6. Using these accents/ textures glue them to the nails
TIP 1: you can secure your sweets by applying the nail glie on the side where the hot glue ends
TIP 2: after you apply the glitter glue, coat it with clear nail polish so that when you wash your hand with warm water the glue won't disappear

7. Using the Nail Glue, glue the fake nail to your real nail

ta da, now you are done
now i'm off to sleep~  Good night everyone!!

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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