Friday, December 16, 2011

Chii's Hair Accessory~

☃☃☃School is finally out for winter vacation ☃☃☃

well as for school, i bombed at least 2 finals out of 6 T-T
but its still good ☺

so in order to kick off the day, i make a quick Chii's hair accessory from Chobits

So.. here's a quickly quick tutorial 

1. Start off with gathering the materials: 
- 2 spools
- Acrylic Paint (white, pink, and/ or red)
- Paint Brushes (sizes: small and big)
- Paint Pallet 

 2. start off with white paint with big paint brush

 3. paint the entire thing with white like so and LET IT DRY

 4. Here you have 3 options
option 1: use pink paint only
option 2: mix red and paint to get the desire pink
option 3: mix red, pink and white to get the desire pink (this is what i did, getting multiple pink striation )

 5. VERY CAREFULLY paint the spool (or else you have to cover up the mistake with white paint, this happened to me >.< and it took me so long to fix it)

 6. let it dry again fully
There you have it! a quick fix for chii's hair accessory =)

once again happy friday everyone!
p.s. school's out and i'm planning on making stuff everyday, if possible =D 

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ✩

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