Sunday, March 9, 2014

SNK cosplay update

So its been a while since I been working on snk cosplay....
I feel so horrible for holding it of so long >.<

anyway, along with what I will be making
my friends and I have decided to purchase some of the snk cosplays online...

And so...
the Jacket that I got was through here.
Patches on the side arms and in the front are embroidered.
Patch for the back side is NOT embroidered, but like a screen printed
I highly recommend this place because the fabric they use is really REALLY nice,
they have a nice lining as well.
Only advice is that the armhole can be a little tight if you buy it according to the sizing that they have.
So i you like to have a little bit of comfort, go one size bigger.

I also ordered a cape here
currently I'm waiting for it to come.
Once i get it i'll update the info as to the quality and such

Ah in other news,
Recently I've been buying clothes that I can Cosplay bound SNK~
Please look forward to that soon~~~

and to trail off,
I also bought myself another wig just because my hair is getting too long and it is cheaper to buy a wig then to get my hair cut =D (yea i know my logic sounds reasonable but at same time a little bit off >.<)
sooo i cant wait to get my wig!!~

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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