Friday, July 18, 2014

Disney Big Hero 6

So who else is excited about this?

At first when I just looked at the comic book version of it I was like "hum.. okay..."

All asain characters!

Then they had some concept arts like these

But after seeing this

Don't get me wrong, but i think Japanese voice actors make every animation better.

Official Character Designs:

I was like alright it was a good thing it caught my interest because I am loving the Character Designs that Disney have released!

More to love and expect for Big Hero 6 is that Daniel Henney will be voicing as Hiro's (the main character) older brother Tadashi Hamada!! (Reference: Link)

And I have a feeling that Baymax will be a big hit.
Kind of reminds me of the cuteness level of Wall-E and Eve 

Now the big question is when is it coming to theaters?

US release: Friday, November 7, 2014

Japan Release: Saturday, December 20, 2014

(In Japan, the movie is called "Baymax")
Above Baymax it says "Nice to meet you. I am Baymax"
Tagline inside Baymax says "I will protect your heart and body."
(Like I said before, Japanese people really do know how to advertise)

In addition to the Movie begin released, there will be a Full manga series that will be released as well!!
The manga will be done by artist Haruki Ueno

Can't wait for this movie & manga!

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