Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Batgirl A Knight Alone

Batgirl A Knight Alone is a combination of issues # 7-11, 13 and 14.
(Issue #12 is not found in Batgirl A Knight Alone- more info below)

ISBN: 9781563898525

Once, she could sense an opponent's attack coming.
She was the ultimate fighting machine.
That has all changed.

With her fighting abilities impaired, Batgirl must face her greatest challenge. Lady Shiva has returned to Gotham with her usual agenda- find a worthy foe to challenge to a death match. But Lady Shiva's not the only force in Gotham City to take notice of the new Batgirl. A secret government agency is determined to capture Gotham's newest crime-fighter and will not stop until she is under their control. With the odds stacks against her, Cassandra Cain continues the never-ending quest for justice.

Here is Issue #12 Part 2 from the continuation of Issue #11 "Officer Down"
This issue is continued from BATMAN #587
And it is continued in ROBIN #86

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