Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Batgirl Fists of Fury

Batgirl Fists of Fury brings Issues 15, 16, and 21. Then it continues from issues #26-28.
(Issue #24 is not included, just yet).

ISBN: 9781401202057
Cassandra Cain has walked away from encounters with the likes of Lady Shiva, the world's premier martial artist, and even Cassandra's own father, the deadly assassin David Cain. But can even Batgirl survive a confrontation with Batman's archnemesis, the Joker?

And if the Clown Prince of Crime wasn't enough, Batgirl must also overcome the lunacy of an ingenious scientist, face off against a "Jokerized" Shadow Thief, mentor a fellow female crime fighter, and defeat a trio of deadly assailants

✎ From the ☾ moon that shines bright as a shooting star ☆

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