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Batgirl Death Wish

Batgirl Death Wish is a combination of issues #17-20, 22, 23, 25
(Issues #15,16, 21, 24 are not included in this volume. More info below)

ISBN: 9781563899812
Does Batgirl have a death wish?
Not long ago, Cassandra Cain faced the greatest living martial artist- Lady Shiva- and managed to survive the experience! Now Shiva is back in Gotham for a rematch, and only one of the two fighters will make it out alive...

But first, Batgirl fights the good fight in a handful of adventures guest-starring Batman, Robin and Spoiler. Only something's distracting her- the indomitable teen is letting simple punches connect to her, and that never happens. The reappearance of her father, Cain the assassin, isn't making things any easier. And on an important anniversary, she vows that "Nobody dies tonight" - but can she really uphold that promis?

Ultimately, only one thing seems to be on Batgirl's mind: her next fight with Shiva, where death is the only logical outcome.

**Issues 15, 16, and 21 are found in Batgirl Fists of Fury and Issue 24 found in "Bruce Wayne: Murder?"**

Issue #15: Someone's driving the citizens of Gotham to commit ghastly murders, and it's up to Batgirl to stop him. But when Batgirl herself falls under the influence of a mysterious stranger, will she become his latest engine of distraction?

Issue #16: When a young boy's father plans to commit a robbery in order to put food on the table, the boy turns to Batgirl for help in stopping him. But the crime takes a deadier turn than expected-- and Batgirl must decide whether to restore the boy's family or take the father down for good.

Issue #21: A "Joker's Last Laugh" tie-in! Batgirl teams up with Spoiler to sweep Gotham City for escapees from the Slab. But will Cassandra be able to adhere to Batman's standing order not to engage costumed villains when the Shadow Thief overtakes Oracle's clock tower?

 Issue #24: "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" Part 2! Oracle dispatches Batgirl to Wayne Manor to investigate an unthinkable crime. Can Cassandra uncover enough proof to clear Bruce Wayne's name? You won't believe what the young hero discovers!

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